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Book a seatroutguide for your next trip to Denmark

We offer the best seatroutfishing-packages in Denmark. We only use the best seatroutguide, the best locations, and are able to offer you rooms, huts and houses all over the country. Food and drinks are included in our packages.

Our guide helps anglers from all over the world, in the search for more and bigger seatrout. More than 100 anglers every year.

In he´s own time, our most experienced seatrout guide, catches around 2500-3000 seatrouts per year in Denmark alone.
(Last count: 2020)

We offer exiting adventures along the Danish coastlines and in the wonderful and mysterious fjords.

Our seatroutguide

Jari (Our most used guide) fishes all over Denmark. He has been fishing for 37 years and is the owner of the largest Danish Camping and fishing-magazine online ( He also works as a consultant for a variety of fishing-venues, angling-shops, public and private tourist-agencies amongst others. Besides the magazine, he also writes on several fishing sites, describing fishing-spots and how to catch fish in general. Se the websites her: Lystfiskeri Danmark…

He still finds time to guide more than 100-120 hopeful anglers every year, usually as a seatroutguide, but also guides when it comes to Danish carp, pike, perch, salmon, seabass and more…

Hes motto is: “Share the hobby, the lifestyle, the passion for spending time in nature and share your knowledge, so that everyone can catch fish. In that way we can also ensure, that the fish themselves, gives people a purpose in life, a purpose that also ensures the existence of fish in the future.”

Choose from all the Danish fjords, coastlines and bays

Your trip with our seatroutguide can be arranged anywhere in Denmark. We will guide you to seatrout anywhere in the country and we will set you up, as close to the water as possible. If you want to try one of the beautiful Danish fjords, the open coastlines, a remote bay or maybe one of our small attractive islands, it is all possible.

Write us kindly and tell us what you and your family, company or friends want to try, and we will guide you in the best area, according to the seatrouts whereabouts in winter, spring, summer or fall.

Book an exiting day of fishing for seatrout, with food and accommodation all included, in Jylland (Jutland) – Fyn (Funen) – Sjælland (Zealand) or Bornholm.

We offer everything from luxury houses to remote placed rooms and huts surrounded by nature

We offer accommodation in all of Denmark – up to 25 persons, sometimes more. We use the best placed rooms, huts and houses, when it comes to a Holiday or teambuilding days, fishing for seatrout i Denmark.

Write us how many will attend, how many days you want to stay, and if you want something extra like a spa, pool or a beautiful view over the fjord, bay etc.

Food and drinks

When you buy a seatrout-package here at, food and drinks are all included. Whether you wish to eat a 3-course meal, an exiting morning buffet or even a full roasted pig.

You can write us or call her: Contact

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